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Fillings vs. Crowns

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I love fixing teeth. Fixing teeth is a pretty integral part of my job much like it is a part of all dentists job. Probably the hardest thing about being a dentist though is that each dentist has a different way to fix teeth. The joke goes that if three different dentists examine a patient, the patient will have 4 different treatment plans. The reason is that each dentist has a slightly different skill set and certain things that work well for one dentist do not work well for another dentist. Also, dentists come from different backgrounds and see different patients. The patient that a dentist in San ...

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Should I get a root canal done?

root canals Gretna La

One of the most common procedures that I do in my office is fillings. Fillings are essentially a surgical treatment of an infection on a tooth where I remove the infection/cavity and I replace the lost tooth part with either a white or silver filling. Much like every other surgery, the body will need time to heal, and particularly with teeth, I am most concerned with how the nerve will heal as that is the living tissue inside teeth.. Thankfully, fillings are fairly predictable and 95% of the time everything heals well and no issues happen. However, if I do 100 fillings in a month, I will have ...

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3 Ways Fillings Stabilize Your Teeth after a Cavity

Dental decay is one of the most common diseases in adults and children. While it is preventable, today’s sugary diets combined with inadequate dental care still means that most people will need a filling in our Gretna, LA dental office at some point during their lives.

Dental fillings stabilize your teeth in a few ways.

Fillings Stop Decay in Its Tracks

When you choose not to treat dental decay, it will continue to break down the tooth. Decay does not heal on its own and will not go away without professional dental treatment.

Dr. Russell Schafer will remove all signs of decay and sterilize the tooth before placing a dental filling. Of course, you ...

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Do You Know What's Causing Your Cavities?

Cavities | dental fillings gretna la

The existence of cavities has plagued humans since the beginning of history. While we understand some of what causes them, recent research uncovers more about the actual microbes that contribute to decay – primarily, fungus and bacteria. When we eat, microbes form on the teeth, and the food particles left behind from food and drinks feeds the microbes and promotes their reproduction. The plaque that forms in between brushing also provides a nice, moist place for bacteria to live.

When you skip brushing your teeth, it gives the bacteria a chance to reproduce rapidly. When you miss brushing too often, bacteria can soften the enamel of your teeth and cause decay. 

Untreated ...

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The World's Oldest Filling: A Reason to Be Grateful for Modern Dentistry

Dental history | fillings | Gretna LA

A recent article in New Scientist highlights a recent discovery about an ice age filling discovered in Italy made out of a natural, ancient form of asphalt. Hiding that filling when you smile would be difficult! 

Fortunately, when you seek family dentistry in the Gretna, LA area, you can count on a much more attractive and painless option. We offer dental fillings made of modern materials that blend in perfectly with your smile.

Why Tooth Decay Happens

Bacteria love sugar and carbohydrates because they need them to reproduce, which bacteria do at lightning speed! That is why brushing and flossing your teeth is so important. Within minutes after eating, bacteria begin to ...

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The Connection between Bacteria and Dental Decay

Bacteria and Dental Decay | Gretna Louisana

Dental decay begins with acidity from bacteria, which feeds on food particles left behind after eating. Researchers recently started to explore the relationship between dental caries (decay), bacteria, and other microorganisms present in the mouth during the decay process.

Not all bacteria are bad, of course. You have probably seen talk of probiotics and gut health in the news. As it turns out, probiotics can also slow down the decay process. As decay progresses, the mouth environment begins to change dramatically. The presence of bacteria is a catalyst that propels the decay progression.

Researchers are using DNA and RNA research to gain a greater understanding of the differences between good and bad ...

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Other ways to stop cavities besides flossing and brushing!

General Dentistry in Gretna, LA

So for the past two blogs, I’ve discussed what causes cavities which is bacteria producing acid after eating carbohydrates. In this article, I wanted to discuss how to prevent cavities. As the old axiom goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure, prevention of cavities is much cheaper than actually fixing cavities. Most people understand the importance of brushing and flossing, and there have been plenty of articles written about fluoride. I wanted to focus on three lesser-known yet useful cavity preventions. The first is the natural saliva your mouth produces, the second is xylitol which is sugar from birch trees, and the third is baking ...

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