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Replacing a few teeth

One of the most common procedures that I do is replace missing teeth through prosthetics. I replace teeth for one of three reasons: better chewing, better speaking, or better smiles. I find that for most of my patients the most important one of the three is having a better smile, but often people do not appreciate how important good chewing is until it is not possible any longer. Speaking is a tough one to judge because often the tongue can adjust well to different situations, but the “F,” “Th,” and “S” sounds depend much on tooth position. When I am replacing less than three teeth, the three options ...

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Implants to replace teeth!

Dental Implant | Gretna LA

    Unfortunately, sometimes my patients lose a tooth.  The tooth either gets lost because of cavities, gum disease, or trauma. The worst teeth that get lost are the ones where the patient has tried to do everything to save the tooth from root canals and crowns to gum surgery and despite all this effort the tooth just does not survive.  The wonderful part about teeth and dentistry though is that this is a fixable problem. With good planning, a new tooth can be placed in the same area by using an implant and this tooth with have the same feel as the last tooth. The most important parts of implants ...

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Are Missing Teeth Hurting Your Quality of Life?

dental implants gretna la

Many people miss the importance of a complete smile until they face tooth loss or dental extractions. Since we treat a number of patients with missing teeth at NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, we intimately understand the impact tooth loss can have on your quality of life.

Feeling Self-Conscious about Your Smile

We believe you should feel great about the way you look and when your smile suffers, your self-esteem can follow. This can have a negative impact on your professional and personal life because whether it is fair or not, people make judgments about people with missing teeth.

Nothing so simple should hold you back in life. We offer solutions with dentures, ...

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How implants can fit into your mouth and into your life!

Dental implants in Gretna, LA

Dentures are a double edge sword in that I can make them look good as teeth but it’s difficult to make them feel as good as teeth.  Most people who have never worn dentures don’t understand this fully, but I’m sure any of my readers who are currently wearing a set of dentures know what I’m talking about.  The reason for this dichotomy is that dentures are essentially plastic that is shaped and colored to look like teeth and gums.  If Hollywood special effects artists can make an actor look like an alien with realistic in photos with costumes, makeup, and latex masks, it’s certainly possible for a dentist to ...

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