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Making Shots better

The most common thing that most dental procedures have in common is the shot. The shot is probably the most dreaded part of the entire procedures for most of my patients; however, I would bet that most of my patients do not want to go without getting numb. I understand this fear: it is a fairly large sized needle that is coming towards your face. Also combined with that many people have had bad experiences with shots, the fear of the pain is of a shot is usually worse than the shot itself. I do find it funny when people tell me that they are afraid of needles. ...

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The purpose of X-Rays

Dental XRays | NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry

One of the most useful tools that I have in my office is an x-ray or a radiograph. Radiographs allow me to see things that I cannot see such as small cavities, bone defects under gums, or wisdom teeth that have not come out into the mouth. Radiographs combined with visual and tactile senses allow me to do a thorough exam to check the overall health of the mouth. Unfortunately, x-rays get a bad rap because of bad science reporting on dental x-rays. However, dental x-rays are safe as the dosage of radiation is low. For this article to compare radiation levels received by dental x-rays, I will ...

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Common terms and conditions that insurance carriers use to deny benefits.

Insurance Paper | Insurance Terms Gretna, LA

In the previous two blog posts, I’ve discussed various dental insurance terms that carriers use to help you better understand dental benefits. Probably though, the most frustrating thing that most patients and dentists experience with carriers is denials of benefits. Unfortunately, dental insurance companies lose money each time they pay out a claim and some of them have departments and systems set up to deny coverage to their subscribers. In this short essay, I’d like to describe common terms and conditions that insurance carriers use to deny benefits to ensure that they don’t pay out too much money for your care as well as what you can do to ensure ...

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Terminology Important to Understanding Dental Benefits

Dental Terminology | Dentist in Gretna LA

In our last blog post, we covered an overview of dental benefits from the differences between HMO and PPO as well as what typical PPO plans cover. In this post, I would like to cover some routine terminology that the different carriers use as these terms are important to understanding dental benefits. By understanding these different terms that are used, subscribers can better utilize their policy to make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck. I would like to cover “in-network” vs “out-of-network,” pre-authorization, and coverage details.

Insurance Plans

One of the most common questions that we receive from new patients is “do you take insurance?” and this is ...

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Understanding Your Dental Insurance or Dental benefits

Dental Insurance paper with Approved stamp

At NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, one of the most frequent discussions in our office is about a person’s dental insurance or dental benefits. This series of blog posts will be about using 3rd parties to help cover the cost of dentistry from describing what they are to common terminology used by the companies and common problems that occur. My goal for these blogs is to inform you so that you know how to work with your insurance company to get the best possible care. For the first blog, I want to discuss what dental insurance is, the difference between PPO vs HMO, and whether you should sign up ...

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Paying for Dental Treatment

Paying for dentist

At NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, we work hard to help our patients get to good health. Whether that is as simple as a regular 6-month cleaning or as complicated as fixing every tooth, we want our patients to feel proud of their smile. One of the most common questions that we have in our office is how to pay for treatment. In this blog, I want to discuss the various ways we work with patients to make treatment affordable from prioritizing needs to insurance and dental benefits to financing.

When a person comes to our office needing multiple teeth fixed, treatment can generally be prioritized depending on where the infection ...

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The Long-Term Consequences of Tooth Loss

Older Couple | Tooth Loss Gretna LA

If you ask any dentist in the 70056 area of Louisiana about how tooth loss impacts patients, they will likely have a lot to say about why it is essential to save teeth whenever possible. They will likely also mention how important it is to replace missing teeth with a bridge, dental implant, or denture to protect the oral health of the patient.

Consequences of Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth has a bigger impact than just leaving gaps in your smile. While the appearance of your smile can cause negative feelings about how you look or can impact your self-esteem, the health consequences are also something to consider.

Bone loss ...

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