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Problems caused by clenching and grinding

So everyone at some point in their life will likely grind their teeth and cause problems. I see it daily. I myself am guilty of grinding my teeth on a daily basis. The reasons that people grind are varied. Some grind during the day due to stress, bad ergonomics, or bad habits. Others grind during the night due to sleep apnea, poor sleep, or sometimes for no reason at all. When a person grinds though, something ends up breaking or being injured as the body gets overworked and abused. The four parts of the jaw that are affected by grinding and clenching are the joint, the muscles, the ...

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The purpose of mouthguards

Mouth guards are wonderful and should be viewed similar to brushing teeth. The reason mouth guards are great is that they help protect teeth and can prevent expensive fracture. Mouth guards are akin to helmets on bicycles in that a person hopes never actually to need a helmet, but if they do, they are thankful. Much like it is much better to break a helmet than have a skull fracture, when mouth guards break, that means that they were doing their job. I make three different types of mouth guards in my office: a thin flexible mouthguard, a thicker flexible mouthguard, and a hard acrylic mouthguard. Each ...

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Nightguards: Protecting Your Teeth and Smile

Mouth Guards Gretna LA

We can injure our smile three different ways. We can get cavities which is a bacterial infection that causes break down of the teeth. We can get gum disease which is an infection and swelling around the bone that supports the teeth. We can also grind and clench our teeth in ways that are destructive causing teeth to fracture and the bone to be injured. In this blog, I want to discuss nighttime tooth grinding, how nightguards can help protect teeth, and when do I recommend night guards.

The Reason For Mouth Guards

The medical term for grinding is called bruxism; however, for this article, I will refer to it as grinding. ...

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Making a Great Night Guard

Sleeping couple | Night Guards in Gretna, LA

Well-crafted night guards are a thing of beauty to me, and I love making them. Unfortunately, so many night guards or what we dentists call occlusal guards are poorly made that they are often given a bad rap. In order to have a great night guard, I feel that there are three steps. First, it must fit to the teeth perfecly.. Second, it should be comfortable to bite into when you are sleeping. Third, it must be adjusted after making the night guard to make sure that it is dialed into your mouth properly.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Night Guard

When a dentist starts making a night guard, the first ...

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5 Signs That You Could Benefit from a Night Guard

Night Guards in Gretna LA

A teeth grinding habit can quickly age your teeth and cause jaw problems. You may also suffer from fractured teeth and the appearance of your smile can deteriorate. Millions of Americans suffer from a teeth grinding habit. We offer night guards in our Gretna, LA dental office, so that you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable smile.

Here Are 5 Signs You May Benefit from a Night Guard

#1 Prematurely Worn Teeth

Healthy teeth are different lengths and have a layer of enamel protecting them. People who suffer from a teeth grinding habit often have teeth that are sheared off, all the way across, making them appear all the same length. You may ...

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