Denture Repair in Gretna, LA

At NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, we love dentures as per our name.  While we love making dentures, often times our patients have a great fitting denture that is in need of repair either due to a crack or a chip.  Fixing a denture is often like fixing a car.  The cost and time involved depend on the extent of the damage and the reason for the damage.  Some are small quick repairs that can be done in a few hours whereas others can take a week or two to fix properly.

Early Signs of Breaking

Dentures will often show early signs that something bad is about to happen.  Dr. Schafer recommends checking your denture at least weekly for any areas of damage or new signs of wear.  Signs of wear generally include bite marks from the teeth that are chewing into the denture or the denture not fitting as well or having the suction it used to have.  For areas of damage, check the gum portion of the denture use a light to shine through it to evaluate for any cracks forming.  If you note cracks forming, bring it to a dentist to repair before the cracks get bigger.  The smaller the crack the easier and less expensive the fix is.

What to Do When a Denture Breaks

If your denture breaks, bring it to a dentist within a few days of it breaking.  If you wait too long to bring a partial denture in for a repair, there is a chance that the teeth can shift and the denture may no longer fit.  If this happens often times the only solution is to make a new partial.

Do not attempt to repair it on your own.  Dr. Schafer has seen many patients who have attempted to repair a denture using super glue or crazy glue and generally, this ruins the prosthesis and makes it much more difficult to fix.  The reason is that super glue cannot bond to the denture acrylic effectively.  It will generally hold up for one or two days at best but then it will break again making it more difficult to fix.

If a tooth breaks off the denture, please keep that tooth as it fits the denture perfectly and matches the other teeth. 

Types of Repairs

The main two types of denture repairs are in office or lab repairs. 

In office repairs are done by Dr. Schafer and can generally be done overnight where the prosthesis is dropped off by the close of business and it returned the next morning at opening.  The material used must cure in a denture repair machine for 8 hours to get to full strength.  When the prosthesis is delivered back to the patient, Dr. Schafer checks to make sure that the fit and bite are correct.  In office repairs can fix simple cracks and missing teeth as well as do smaller relines of partial dentures.

Lab repairs are done when major changes are needed to the dental prosthesis.  While lab repairs take one to two weeks to complete, the benefit is that the strength of the repair is much better than an in-office repair.  The reason is that the lab has access to more specialized equipment and materials as Dr. Schafer works with a lab that specializes in dentures.  Lab repairs are generally made when there are significant fit issues such as the gums have healed back or the denture is over 10 years old and the gums have changed shape so much that a simple repair will not fix the problem.  Lab repairs are also needed when we are changing the bite due to worn out teeth or are replacing more than 2 front teeth at a time.

Dr. Schafer and his team help many patients love their smile by keeping their denture in good shape.  Unfortunately, dentures rarely break at convenient times, but they can be repaired quickly and inexpensively if the damage is caught early.  If your denture is broken or you are concerned about it breaking, please call our office at 504-392-5104 to make an appointment for a consult and we will help you out.


If you have broken a denture and need it repaired, don't hesitate to call our Gretna, LA dental office.