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Why We Love Whitening!

I have yet to meet a patient who does not want whiter teeth. While people do not want fake white teeth for the most part, I feel that tooth whitening is not used as often as it should be to make people love their smiles more as well as to help people maintain their smiles. To understand whitening, I want to explain the different types of whitening, the time commitment for whitening, and the benefits of whitening besides whiter teeth.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Whitening comes in four different types: toothpaste, over the counter strips, in office bleaching, and custom fitted trays. Many people are familiar with whitening toothpaste which is my ...

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What to Expect from Whitening at Our Gretna Dental Practice

Teeth whitening | Gretna, LA

Wanting a white smile well into your adult years is expected, especially with the existence of social media and online photographs that will follow you forever. Having a bright smile makes a great first impression and projects the image of health and confidence.

We offer professional teeth whitening in our Gretna, LA dental office, and here is what you can expect.

Consultation and Check-Up

Whether you are a new patient or an existing patient who would like to whiten your teeth, Dr. Russell Schafer will make sure that you are healthy enough for teeth whitening and what type of product will work best for you.

It’s also a good idea to start your ...

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