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Making Shots better

The most common thing that most dental procedures have in common is the shot. The shot is probably the most dreaded part of the entire procedures for most of my patients; however, I would bet that most of my patients do not want to go without getting numb. I understand this fear: it is a fairly large sized needle that is coming towards your face. Also combined with that many people have had bad experiences with shots, the fear of the pain is of a shot is usually worse than the shot itself. I do find it funny when people tell me that they are afraid of needles. ...

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Fillings vs. Crowns

Dental Fillings New Orleans, LA | Smile

I love fixing teeth. Fixing teeth is a pretty integral part of my job much like it is a part of all dentists job. Probably the hardest thing about being a dentist though is that each dentist has a different way to fix teeth. The joke goes that if three different dentists examine a patient, the patient will have 4 different treatment plans. The reason is that each dentist has a slightly different skill set and certain things that work well for one dentist do not work well for another dentist. Also, dentists come from different backgrounds and see different patients. The patient that a dentist in San ...

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The purpose of X-Rays

Dental XRays | NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry

One of the most useful tools that I have in my office is an x-ray or a radiograph. Radiographs allow me to see things that I cannot see such as small cavities, bone defects under gums, or wisdom teeth that have not come out into the mouth. Radiographs combined with visual and tactile senses allow me to do a thorough exam to check the overall health of the mouth. Unfortunately, x-rays get a bad rap because of bad science reporting on dental x-rays. However, dental x-rays are safe as the dosage of radiation is low. For this article to compare radiation levels received by dental x-rays, I will ...

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Should I get a root canal done?

root canals Gretna La

One of the most common procedures that I do in my office is fillings. Fillings are essentially a surgical treatment of an infection on a tooth where I remove the infection/cavity and I replace the lost tooth part with either a white or silver filling. Much like every other surgery, the body will need time to heal, and particularly with teeth, I am most concerned with how the nerve will heal as that is the living tissue inside teeth.. Thankfully, fillings are fairly predictable and 95% of the time everything heals well and no issues happen. However, if I do 100 fillings in a month, I will have ...

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Eating with Dentures

food | eating with dentures new orleans

Dentures serve three purposes. They are meant to help people smile pretty, talk well, and chew better. Of the three things, I find that chewing better is the hardest part of the three activities to master. Chewing is certainly an important activity as it is vital to good health. Patients like to joke that by not chewing well that they will likely lose weight; however, it is much easier to drink down a sugary milk shake than to eat vegetable. Poor chewing leads to poor digestion which contributes to many health problems. I work with patients more or less every day trying to help them have comfortable dentures ...

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Proper Denture Care

Denture Repair New Orleans LA

Unfortunately, everything eventually breaks and wears out.  It does not matter how much money is spent on it or how good of care is taken, everything has a finite lifespan.  Unfortunately, dentures are the same way. About once every other day I have a patient who has broken a denture, and it almost never happens at a good time.  Also very few patients are able to go for more than a day or two without their teeth, and therefore things need to be mended rather quickly. I believe that it is important to know how to protect dentures from harm as well as the types of repairs that can be ...

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Implants to retain dentures

Implant Dentures New Orleans | Man

As per the name of my office, NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, I enjoy doing dentures and I do quite a few of them.  While I think that I make a pretty darn good denture, dentures, in reality, are not natural teeth. No matter how pretty or tight I make a conventional denture, it will still not feel as comfortable or chew as well as natural teeth.  However, the best part of dentures is that there are better options for my patients and it involves using implants to help make the denture feel better. The implants allow the denture to connect to the bone allowing it to be more secure ...

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