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At NOLA Dentures and General dentistry, we take pride in helping our patients love their mouth.  We do not say that lightly.  Your smile is how you present yourself to the world.  We see many patients each month who have not liked their smiles for years as well as plenty who want to keep their smiles great.  While everyone’s plan is different, they are all built into a few different components.  Today I’d like to talk about removing the infection, restoring the teeth, and maintaining the mouth.

Unfortunately, people can’t see the infection in their own mouths very easily.  Most people might feel a slight twinge when eating something cold, see ...

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Worried about Dentures? A New Study Shows You Might Be Surprised

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If your grandparents or parents had dentures, you might shy away from choosing them to replace your missing teeth. Dentures of the past shifted, fell, and looked pretty fake, making it obvious that you have dentures and making it difficult to enjoy a meal with friends without worrying about a denture malfunction.

No one wants this level of stress on a day-today basis. After all, our area is known for delicious food and music to be enjoyed with friends and family.

We Create Modern, Beautiful Dentures

A recent article in The Journal of Prosthodontic Dentistry shows in a study of modern dentures that patients are more satisfied than they expected to be with ...

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Are Missing Teeth Hurting Your Quality of Life?

dental implants gretna la

Many people miss the importance of a complete smile until they face tooth loss or dental extractions. Since we treat a number of patients with missing teeth at NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, we intimately understand the impact tooth loss can have on your quality of life.

Feeling Self-Conscious about Your Smile

We believe you should feel great about the way you look and when your smile suffers, your self-esteem can follow. This can have a negative impact on your professional and personal life because whether it is fair or not, people make judgments about people with missing teeth.

Nothing so simple should hold you back in life. We offer solutions with dentures, ...

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The World's Oldest Filling: A Reason to Be Grateful for Modern Dentistry

Dental history | fillings | Gretna LA

A recent article in New Scientist highlights a recent discovery about an ice age filling discovered in Italy made out of a natural, ancient form of asphalt. Hiding that filling when you smile would be difficult! 

Fortunately, when you seek family dentistry in the Gretna, LA area, you can count on a much more attractive and painless option. We offer dental fillings made of modern materials that blend in perfectly with your smile.

Why Tooth Decay Happens

Bacteria love sugar and carbohydrates because they need them to reproduce, which bacteria do at lightning speed! That is why brushing and flossing your teeth is so important. Within minutes after eating, bacteria begin to ...

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5 Signs That You Could Benefit from a Night Guard

Night Guards in Gretna LA

A teeth grinding habit can quickly age your teeth and cause jaw problems. You may also suffer from fractured teeth and the appearance of your smile can deteriorate. Millions of Americans suffer from a teeth grinding habit. We offer night guards in our Gretna, LA dental office, so that you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable smile.

Here Are 5 Signs You May Benefit from a Night Guard

#1 Prematurely Worn Teeth

Healthy teeth are different lengths and have a layer of enamel protecting them. People who suffer from a teeth grinding habit often have teeth that are sheared off, all the way across, making them appear all the same length. You may ...

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Your Dental Cleaning in 3 Steps

Dental Cleanings | Gretna Louisiana

Has it been too long since your teeth felt clean and fresh? Even if you missed a cleaning or two, we are here to help restore your oral health!

There is no reason to feel ashamed of missing a few dental appointments. We know that life often gets in the way of taking care of ourselves.

We welcome you to get back on track here at NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, where we will help you get the dental care you need for a healthy smile.

Your Dental Cleaning in 3 Steps

We take great pride in giving patients the personal treatment they deserve and offer dental cleanings based on your current needs.

Step 1 ...

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The Connection between Bacteria and Dental Decay

Bacteria and Dental Decay | Gretna Louisana

Dental decay begins with acidity from bacteria, which feeds on food particles left behind after eating. Researchers recently started to explore the relationship between dental caries (decay), bacteria, and other microorganisms present in the mouth during the decay process.

Not all bacteria are bad, of course. You have probably seen talk of probiotics and gut health in the news. As it turns out, probiotics can also slow down the decay process. As decay progresses, the mouth environment begins to change dramatically. The presence of bacteria is a catalyst that propels the decay progression.

Researchers are using DNA and RNA research to gain a greater understanding of the differences between good and bad ...

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