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Stick to your gums: The importance of gum health

The Importance of Gum Health | NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry

Teeth are pretty easy to understand what they do and how to care for them.  They give you a smile and allow you to chew, and we take care of them by brushing, flossing, and avoiding sweets. I think that most people and most of my patients understand that their gums are important to keep healthy but don’t understand much beyond that. However, I’d argue that gum health is as important if not more important than the teeth as gum problems are harder to fix than tooth problems.  I’m going to break this blog down into three parts: what are the gums, what are common gum problems, and ...

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Complete Answers to your Partial Problems

Partial Dentures Problems

As the third part of my series on problems with different removable prosthetics (aka dentures), I’m going to focus on the most common type of prosthesis: partial dentures.  Partials are great for many people because it can replace a missing tooth and give a person back some of their bite while being lower cost than other options.  The three most common problems that I see with partials are broken partials, partials that no longer fit due to gum shrinking, and partials that no longer fit due to tooth loss.

Even though partials are made from strong materials, through enough wear and tear in the mouth or an accidental drop, ...

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Adapting to a lower denture

Adapting to lower dentures

As last week’s blog was about common issues with an upper denture, this week I will focus on how to make your lower better.  The lower denture is a constant headache for both patients and dentists.  The lower denture has little to no suction, it can be moved around easily by the tongue, lips, and cheeks, and chewing can be difficult.  Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions to solve these problems without implants but there are some ways that can help mitigate these problems.  Understanding how the lower denture works, how it fits with your upper denture, and how to use your muscles properly will help you adapt ...

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Fixing a sore upper denture

New Orleans Dentistry and Dentures

One of the main complaints I get from patients who are wearing dentures constantly is that they feel sore or uncomfortable.  I get so many concerns that I felt it a good idea to write a blog about what may be making your dentures uncomfortable and how we can go about fixing them.  As upper full dentures, lower full dentures and partials are different creatures I think it’s best to dive into each type denture and describe the common problems and how we go about solving them.  I will start with upper or maxillary dentures.  The main problems I see with these are gagging, loss of suction, and ...

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How implants can fit into your mouth and into your life!

Dental implants in Gretna, LA

Dentures are a double edge sword in that I can make them look good as teeth but it’s difficult to make them feel as good as teeth.  Most people who have never worn dentures don’t understand this fully, but I’m sure any of my readers who are currently wearing a set of dentures know what I’m talking about.  The reason for this dichotomy is that dentures are essentially plastic that is shaped and colored to look like teeth and gums.  If Hollywood special effects artists can make an actor look like an alien with realistic in photos with costumes, makeup, and latex masks, it’s certainly possible for a dentist to ...

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Choosing a toothpaste

Choosing toothpaste general dentistry gretna LA

Probably one of the most common questions that I get asked is “What is the best toothpaste to use?”  This question makes sense as almost everyone believes that brushing with toothpaste is an important part of preventing cavities and other dental problems.  However, a quick Google search of toothpaste finds ten plus pages of brands and types from the common Crest to the less well known such as clay toothpastes.  I’m pretty confident that I haven’t heard of even half of the different types of toothpastes on the market today.  However, when I’m buying a toothpaste, I consider three things: is it for kids or adults, what does it do ...

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Other ways to stop cavities besides flossing and brushing!

General Dentistry in Gretna, LA

So for the past two blogs, I’ve discussed what causes cavities which is bacteria producing acid after eating carbohydrates. In this article, I wanted to discuss how to prevent cavities. As the old axiom goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure, prevention of cavities is much cheaper than actually fixing cavities. Most people understand the importance of brushing and flossing, and there have been plenty of articles written about fluoride. I wanted to focus on three lesser known yet useful cavity preventions. The first is the natural saliva your mouth produces, the second is xylitol which is sugar from birch trees, and the third is ...

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