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Why YOU should love coming to the dentist

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When patients first meet me, the most common greeting that I hear is "I hate dentists." I am told this at least once a day. I think it's the only occasion in modern society that it's perfectly acceptable to tell someone you hate him within the one minute of meeting him. It's so ubiquitous in my profession that it's a regular joke between dentists. I've always wondered if physicians get "I hate doctors" as often as dentists do, but somehow I doubt it. Now I will admit that I understand the "hatred" of dentists. Generally, people who hate dentists see me when they are in pain as they've ...

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Why I love being a dentist

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        I love being a dentist. It's a simple as that. I get to wake up each morning, drink a cup of Community Coffee with chicory, and come to my office to help people day in and day out improve their lives and their health. In truth, I'm a people person who loves to work with his hands. I don't think that I could enjoy being a general MD such as a family practice physician or internal medicine specialist as it's nice to see a final product whether that be a new denture or a small filling. Also being a surgical MD such ...

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