3D Printed Denture in Gretna, LA

                At NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, one option to restore a smile with a denture is with a 3d printed denture.  Dr. Schafer is able to make these dentures using his own lab in his office.  


The advantage of the 3d printed denture is that they are a combination of one day dentures and conventional dentures.  Generally Dr. Schafer is able to have a set of 3d printed dentures fabricated in two weeks over a course of three appointments.  Because he does everything in his office, he is able to rush cases when needed for emergencies and could have a case done within 3 business days if needed. The other advantage of 3d printed dentures over one day dentures is that the gums looks more natural and Dr. Schafer has more tooth shades and tooth sizes to choose from compared to the one day dentures.


The process for making 3d printed dentures is similar as the process for making conventional dentures.  At the first appointment, Dr. Schafer takes models of each jaw and creates a bite rims.  The bite rims are used at the second appointment to see what the smile is as well as to see how the jaws meet together comfortably.  Dr. Schafer then scans the models as well as the bite into the computer and then designs the dentures in dental software called Blue Sky Bio.  The software fabricates the denture bases or the gums of the denture.  Dr. Schafer then prints them out on his MoonRay S and places denture teeth into the gums.  This is cured in an oven for an hour and then polished well.  Adjusts are made on the day of the visit as well as one week after the visit and then as needed.

When is a 3d printed denture the right choice?

Patients often want these dentures in a few different situations.  The most common reason that these are preferred over our conventional dentures is that they are less expensive.  The material to make conventional dentures is more expensive and the conventional dentures have more options around tooth shape and color as well as gum color.  The second reason is that patients often get a 3d printed denture because they want a back up to their regular denture.  Much like people drive with a spare tire in their car in case they get a flat, this denture can serve as a spare tire.  The last reason is that it serves as a good denture for people who need to heal and works as an intermediate denture between the one day denture and the conventional denture.  Often times if Dr. Schafer removes many teeth and places a one day healing denture, the healing denture no longer fits well after a month or two.  However, it takes six months to heal fully.  This can serve as a good intermediate denture to make sure everything fits good and looks good for the remaining months.

If you feel like you would benefit from a 3d printed denture, call us at 504-392-5104 and we will help you out.