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Problems caused by clenching and grinding

So everyone at some point in their life will likely grind their teeth and cause problems. I see it daily. I myself am guilty of grinding my teeth on a daily basis. The reasons that people grind are varied. Some grind during the day due to stress, bad ergonomics, or bad habits. Others grind during the night due to sleep apnea, poor sleep, or sometimes for no reason at all. When a person grinds though, something ends up breaking or being injured as the body gets overworked and abused. The four parts of the jaw that are affected by grinding and clenching are the joint, the muscles, the ...

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The purpose of mouthguards

Mouth guards are wonderful and should be viewed similar to brushing teeth. The reason mouth guards are great is that they help protect teeth and can prevent expensive fracture. Mouth guards are akin to helmets on bicycles in that a person hopes never actually to need a helmet, but if they do, they are thankful. Much like it is much better to break a helmet than have a skull fracture, when mouth guards break, that means that they were doing their job. I make three different types of mouth guards in my office: a thin flexible mouthguard, a thicker flexible mouthguard, and a hard acrylic mouthguard. Each ...

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Replacing a few teeth

One of the most common procedures that I do is replace missing teeth through prosthetics. I replace teeth for one of three reasons: better chewing, better speaking, or better smiles. I find that for most of my patients the most important one of the three is having a better smile, but often people do not appreciate how important good chewing is until it is not possible any longer. Speaking is a tough one to judge because often the tongue can adjust well to different situations, but the “F,” “Th,” and “S” sounds depend much on tooth position. When I am replacing less than three teeth, the three options ...

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Our Dental Treatment Process

Dentist in New Orleans LA

Creating a Plan for Dental Treatment

When I meet a patient for the first time, my first question is often “any problems with your teeth?” and I get responses that range from “all is good” to “I have the worst teeth in the world.” Thankfully, most of the time when someone says “all is good” usually thing are in pretty good shape. Maybe I will see a small cavity forming or crack line around an old filling happening, and we can do treatment when it is small and less expensive. On the flip side of the coin, most people who believe that they have the worst in ...

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Making Shots better

Man at Dentist | Gretna LA Dentist

The most common thing that most dental procedures have in common is the shot. The shot is probably the most dreaded part of the entire procedure for most of my patients; however, I would bet that most of my patients do not want to go without getting numb. I understand this fear: it is a fairly large-sized needle that is coming towards your face. Also combined with that many people have had bad experiences with shots, the fear of the pain of a shot is usually worse than the shot itself. I do find it funny when people tell me that they are afraid of needles. I think ...

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Fillings vs. Crowns

Dental Fillings New Orleans, LA | Smile

I love fixing teeth. Fixing teeth is a pretty integral part of my job much like it is a part of all dentists job. Probably the hardest thing about being a dentist though is that each dentist has a different way to fix teeth. The joke goes that if three different dentists examine a patient, the patient will have 4 different treatment plans. The reason is that each dentist has a slightly different skill set and certain things that work well for one dentist do not work well for another dentist. Also, dentists come from different backgrounds and see different patients. The patient that a dentist in San ...

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The purpose of X-Rays

Dental XRays | NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry

One of the most useful tools that I have in my office is an x-ray or a radiograph. Radiographs allow me to see things that I cannot see such as small cavities, bone defects under gums, or wisdom teeth that have not come out into the mouth. Radiographs combined with visual and tactile senses allow me to do a thorough exam to check the overall health of the mouth. Unfortunately, x-rays get a bad rap because of bad science reporting on dental x-rays. However, dental x-rays are safe as the dosage of radiation is low. For this article to compare radiation levels received by dental x-rays, I will ...

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