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Proper Denture Care

Unfortunately, everything eventually breaks and wears out.  It does not matter how much money is spent on it or how good of care is taken, everything has a finite lifespan.  Unfortunately, dentures are the same way. About once every other day I have a patient who has broken a denture, and it almost never happens at a good time.  Also very few patients are able to go for more than a day or two without their teeth, and therefore things need to be mended rather quickly. I believe that it is important to know how to protect dentures from harm as well as the types of repairs that can be ...

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Implants to retain dentures

Implant Dentures New Orleans | Man

As per the name of my office, NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, I enjoy doing dentures and I do quite a few of them.  While I think that I make a pretty darn good denture, dentures, in reality, are not natural teeth. No matter how pretty or tight I make a conventional denture, it will still not feel as comfortable or chew as well as natural teeth.  However, the best part of dentures is that there are better options for my patients and it involves using implants to help make the denture feel better. The implants allow the denture to connect to the bone allowing it to be more secure ...

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Implants to replace teeth!

Dental Implant | Gretna LA

    Unfortunately, sometimes my patients lose a tooth.  The tooth either gets lost because of cavities, gum disease, or trauma. The worst teeth that get lost are the ones where the patient has tried to do everything to save the tooth from root canals and crowns to gum surgery and despite all this effort the tooth just does not survive.  The wonderful part about teeth and dentistry though is that this is a fixable problem. With good planning, a new tooth can be placed in the same area by using an implant and this tooth with have the same feel as the last tooth. The most important parts of implants ...

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Picking out the Perfect Tooth

Woman | Dentures in New Orleans

    One of the most important aspects of a denture is the smile.  People typically get dentures because they want to have their smile improved, but one of the biggest concerns that my patients have is they want the right teeth for their mouth.  Everyone seems to have a story about someone who has teeth that are way too small or way too big for their face. I can understand this fear about getting the wrong tooth because very few people want others realizing they have dentures.  People want their teeth to look either natural so they blend with their face or they want them to look beautiful with the ...

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Refitting Dentures

Couple | Refitting Dentures New Orleans

    About two or three times a week, I’ll have a patient come to my office with the need of fixing their old denture.  The denture has worked well for many years and still has the smile that is needed, but it no longer fits as well as it used to. Certainly, one option is to make a new denture, but that is not always needed.  Usually, there is a way to get a few more years out a denture by refitting the denture and the bite to the gums. Doing a refit is great especially when it seems like denture adhesive fixes the problems which means that there is ...

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Denture Adhesive

Older Couple | Denture Adhesive Gretna LA

One of the most common questions that I get from patients is “Will I need denture adhesive?”  Denture adhesive is a weird subject to most dentists because we are not taught about it in dental school and there is very little to no education on the subject even from the manufacturers.  As I make quite a few dentures and have worked with even more about wearing dental prosthesis, I have done my best to get educated about the different products that are available as well as tried to create best practices for using adhesive.

While my goal when make dentures is ideally to need no denture adhesive as many patients ...

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Immediate Dentures

Woman Smiling | Immediate Dentures New Orleans LA

One of the most common concerns that patients have when coming to NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry is they want their smile fixed.  Fixing smiles is one of the key foundations of dentistry along with keeping the mouth healthy, ensuring good chewing, and speaking well.  Unfortunately, often times when smiles need to get fixed it is because the teeth are no longer fixable and they are either loose or broken.  However, these teeth are usually still functioning because they are providing some level of a smile even if the smile itself isn’t very pretty.  To fabricate a final prosthesis and fix the smile long term, often five to seven months ...

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