Cast Metal Partials in Gretna, LA


At NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, Dr. Schafer wants each of his patients to love their smile and be able to chew comfortably. Many times, patients need a strong comfortable long-term solution to missing teeth but do not wish to have something that stays in the mouth such as a bridge or an implant. For many patients missing teeth, especially back teeth, Dr. Schafer makes cast metal partials. These types of partials have a metal framework which holds the teeth together and is covered with an acrylic that mimics the esthetics of the gums.


Cast metal partial dentures offer a few main advantages over all acrylic partial dentures. First, because the metal is much stronger than the acrylic, they can be made much thinner than their counterparts. This is ideal for people who find their acrylic partial too thick. Also, the strength of the metal means that it is less prone to breaking and is able to chew more effectively. The second advantage is that these types of partials can often be built to grip more strongly onto teeth which makes them feel tighter and more comfortable in the mouth. For example, in some cases, by saving as few as four teeth, we can restore much of the function and esthetics of natural teeth by using a cast metal partial. The final advantage of cast metal partials is that they can be easily modified with implants at a later date. If a patient opts for this type of partial now but wants to add implants later, the partial can be retrofitted to incorporate these implants at a later time.

Below you can see an example of cast metal partial from a top view as well as from the front.

Partial dentures | Gretna LA Dentist

Cast metal partial | Dentures Gretna LA

Upper and lower cast metal partials as viewed from the top

upper and lower cast metal partials as viewed from the smile or from the front


Making these partials does take time. We work with an exceptional dental laboratory who does an excellent job fabricating them. After taking a model of a patient's mouth, we have the laboratory fabricate the framework. If many teeth are missing, the laboratory will send back the frame with wax so that the dentist can ensure frame fits properly to the teeth and gums and determine how the top and bottom jaws meet to get a good bite. After ensuring that the bite is good, teeth are placed on the partial in wax so that it can be tried into the mouth before finishing it. By trying it in before finishing it, the patient can do a test run to make sure that the partial looks great but also feels great.