Dental Bonding in Gretna LA

Dr. Schafer enjoys giving people back their smiles. Many people have good healthy teeth that are in need of a touch up to make their good smile become a great smile. At NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, Dr. Schafer does esthetic bonding to your pearly whites to help your smile look young and healthy.

Woman | Dental Bonding Dentist GretnaNon-Invasive Esthetic Dentistry

Too often teeth are ground down, destroying the healthy tooth structure in order to give the “perfect” smile. Unfortunately, this often traumatizes the teeth and hurts the tooth's nerve. Hopefully, the nerve heals, but sometimes the tooth requires root canals or worse. While sometimes shaping is required to get the best smile possible, often times less invasive and less expensive methods can be used to get you the smile you want.

Due to modern technology, we can prevent needless grinding on teeth by bonding beautiful tooth-colored restorations to the teeth. Many times, you don't even need to be numbed for the procedure avoiding scary injections as well as ensuring that your tooth's nerve isn't irritated after the procedure. Often this esthetic bonding can be done in worn teeth as well as in young teeth.

Prematurely Worn Teeth

Teeth have a rough life. They are used and abused on a constant basis. We grind them when we are stressed. We eat tough and crunchy foods. Some of us even use them as bottle openers. As we work our teeth, they constantly wear. Some people's smiles wear a little, whereas others wear a lot. These worn teeth can chip, fracture, or become flattened, making them look worn out and aged.

One option for restoring these teeth is to add tooth structure back to the teeth by doing esthetic bonding. While crowns and veneers are often used to fix worn smiles, esthetic bonding works well for these smiles as it is not harmful to the teeth, easy to maintain, and lower cost.

Young TeethWoman | Bonding Dentist New Orleans

Kids and teenagers sometimes require esthetic bonding either because their teeth are too small for their mouth or because of trauma.

Many times teens have spaces or diastemas between their front teeth because their jaw is much bigger than their teeth. Even with 2 or 3 years of braces, these spaces can still remain. In these young adults, esthetic bonding works well for the same reasons mentioned above: not invasive, easy to maintain, and lower cost compared to veneers.

Many kids also get bumps, bruises, and scratches just being kids. While thankfully kids generally heal up well, any damage done to the teeth doesn't heal up as well. When kids chip or break their front teeth, esthetic bonding repairs the damage. If you still have the broken piece, please bring it with you as sometimes Dr. Schafer can glue it back to the tooth.

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Do you think your teeth are too small or too flat? Do you have gaps between your teeth that you wish that you could close? Maybe you have an unsightly chip on your front tooth that you makes you hide your beautiful smile. Dr. Schafer at NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry to give them a uniform, polished appearance.