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Did you know that cavities are the second most common disease in the world? Most people know about cavities; however, cavities aren't usually noticed or felt until they are very large. Early signs of cavities can include brown spots on teeth or sensitivity to sweets or colds. If you notice the spots or you are having trouble eating some of your favorite foods, please call us at NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry today.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are two types of dental fillings: white, or tooth-colored fillings, and silver or amalgam fillings. Dr. Schafer offers both types of fillings to his patients so that his patients can make the best decision for their oral health.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are natural-looking restorations that are bonded or glued into the tooth. They are made from hard medical grade plastics that mimic tooth structure and colors. These fillings are used to fix small cavities as well as on teeth that show when you smile. They come in a variety of colors, or shades, to match your tooth so that only your dentist canDental tools | Dentist Gretna LA see them. After placing a white filling, it is polished so that the tongue can't tell the difference between the filling and the tooth. Some white fillings can also help prevent future cavities by releasing fluoride in your mouth to help strengthen other teeth.

Not all white fillings are made equally, though. White fillings require meticulous attention to detail on the dentist's part such as keeping the tooth dry during the entire procedure. Also each year many new types of white fillings and bonding agents or glues are created. Unfortunately, any tooth can become sensitive after a filling; however, if improper techniques or low-quality materials are used, then the tooth will likely be sensitive. Dr. Schafer only uses techniques and materials that he would have used in his own mouth and goes the extra mile to make sure that his fillings feel good to his patients.

Silver Fillings

Silver colored fillings have been used in dentistry for the past 150 years and continue to be used because they work well. Silver fillings offer a lower cost alternative to white fillings. They often last longer because they can withstand the biting forces and they are much easier to place than white fillings. Unlike white fillings, silver fillings can get wet during placement and are generally not as sensitive as white fillings. These fillings work very well in the back of the mouth as well as in teeth with deep cavities where it is harder to keep teeth dry while fixing them.

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