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What is a dental filling and how can it help me?

Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the world. Though cavities are far too common among children and adults alike, they can be prevented and easily treated with restorative dental care in Gretna. At NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, we provide comprehensive restorative treatments, including durable, high-quality dental fillings. 

Dental Fillings: What They Are and Why We Need Them 

Made from strong tooth-colored material or amalgam silver, dental fillings protect your teeth from further decay. Cavities form from bacteria and plaque in the mouth, and they can lead to the destruction of your tooth’s structure.

Cavities often cause pain and sensitivity, and they often appear as dark spots on the tooth. If you have a cavity, a dental filling can save your tooth and protect it from severe decay or infection. 

The Dental Filling Process 

During a dental exam in Gretna, your dentist will check your teeth for signs of decay. Cavities often show up as brown spots on the tooth and can cause dental pain or sensitivity. Unfortunately, cavities often go unnoticed until they have already formed, increasing the risk of spread. 

If the dentist identifies a cavity, he or she will anesthetize the tooth, so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment. He will then gently and thoroughly remove all of the bacteria in and around the tooth. Finally, he will fill and seal the tooth with a tooth-colored or amalgam dental filling.

Cavities Are Preventable with Consistent Dental Care

Tooth decay is 100 percent preventable if you remain proactive in your oral health care. You can avoid the pain and discomfort of cavities if you practice good dental hygiene and regularly visit your dentist. Flossing daily and brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice daily helps remove cavity-causing bacteria from in and around your teeth. 

It’s also important you visit your dentist every six months to receive professional dental care. Regular dental exams, cleanings, and digital x-rays allow us to monitor your oral health and catch any issues like cavities early. We can also treat decay early before you need restorative treatment. 

Have a Cavity? We Can Help! 

We provide excellent service to all patients in a friendly, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment. If you suspect you have a cavity and need treatment, please call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled restorative dentists.

We look forward to helping you get your dental health back on track!

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