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Worried about Dentures? A New Study Shows You Might Be Surprised

July 26, 2017
Posted By: NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry
New Orleans Dentures

If your grandparents or parents had dentures, you might shy away from choosing them to replace your missing teeth. Dentures of the past shifted, fell, and looked pretty fake, making it obvious that you have dentures and making it difficult to enjoy a meal with friends without worrying about a denture malfunction.

No one wants this level of stress on a day-today basis. After all, our area is known for delicious food and music to be enjoyed with friends and family.

We Create Modern, Beautiful Dentures

A recent article in The Journal of Prosthodontic Dentistry shows in a study of modern dentures that patients are more satisfied than they expected to be with their new dentures. Advancements in dentistry happen every day and our dentist, Dr. Russell Schafer, creates dentures from the most esthetic and durable materials available today.

Much more is known now about the jaw, bite, and chewing system that allows us to make dentures more accurately than ever. Dr. Schafer actually plans the entire process, working with a trusted dental lab, to create dentures that stay put when you chew and laugh, even for patients who have had trouble with ill-fitting dentures in the past.

Experience Counts

Because dentures are a big part of our Gretna dental practice, we are known for great results. Dr. Schafer has spent years studying and perfecting the art of dentures, so that tooth loss does not interfere with your daily life.

Implant-Retained Dentures

For patients who want dentures that lock in place, we offer implant-retained dentures. Dental implants create an anchor to hold dentures stable while you chew.

We offer immediate dentures, partial dentures, and custom complete dentures, depending on your needs. If you live in New Orleans and are interested in dentures, call us to arrange a dental appointment to learn which options will work best for you.

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