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Every Tooth Has a Job

August 31, 2017
Posted By: NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry
Jobs of Each Tooth | Gretna LA Dentist

If you examine your smile closely in the mirror, you probably see that they each have a unique size and shape. This is because each tooth has a purpose that is best served by their structure.

Different Teeth and Their Jobs

Incisors – “The cutters,” or incisors, are the front four teeth that have a sharp edge. These are your lettuce-cutting and sandwich biting teeth.

You can further separate upper incisors into two categories: the centrals and laterals.

Centrals are the teeth right at the center of your top teeth. If you look closely, you will see that sometimes people’s centrals do not line up perfectly with their facial symmetry. This is called the midline and sometimes people opt to have veneers to achieve a more symmetrical look.

Laterals are on either side of your centrals.

Canines – Also called cuspids, because of their single fang-like cusp, are good for tearing foods. They also provide guidance for your upper and lower jaw as you close your mouth. You have two on your upper jaw and two on the lower.

Bicuspids – These are your two-cusped teeth between the canines and molars. They are part of the chewing force designed to crush and mash food. You have two on each side on both top and bottom.

Molars – These are the big flat teeth at the back of your mouth. These teeth are for grinding up foods, so you can swallow them easily. You have three sets of them on each side – both top and bottom. Three sets, that is, if you develop all four of your wisdom teeth, or third molars. Some people only have two or three wisdom teeth.

Sometimes removing wisdom teeth is necessary because of inadequate space toward the back of the mouth.

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