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Think Fast! Solutions for Missing Teeth With One-Day Dentures

April 7, 2022
Posted By: Nola Dentures and General Dentistry
Solutions for Missing Teeth With One-Day Dentures | Gretna, LA

It's the week of your much-anticipated vacation. You're packed, you're excited, and you're ready to go when the unthinkable happens. Your denture in Gretna cracks! You can't go on vacation without teeth, so what can you do? You can call Nola Dentures and General Dentistry, where Dr. Russell Shafer can save the day and make same-day dentures for you.

How Do One-Day Dentures Work?

Dr. Shafer starts by creating a model of your jaw and your bite to ensure that things align correctly. Then he scans the models into the computer and uses software to create your new denture and print it with 3-D printing technology. The software ensures that the denture has a secure and stable fit.

Once we print the denture, Dr. Shafer hand polishes it and adjusts it to your jawbone. You'll be able to leave our Gretna dental office the same day with your new smile intact. As with any denture, Dr. Shafer will see you over the next few weeks to adjust your denture if needed and ensure it's fitting you properly and providing the best function possible.

With one-day dentures in Gretna, LA, you'll be able to get back to your routine and enjoy your new smile with no waiting or interruptions to your schedule. However, Dr. Shafer doesn't recommend this type of denture as a long-term solution. Instead, you should discuss and plan with Dr. Shafer a more permanent solution for your smile when you are able.

Long-Term Denture Solutions

Traditional and implant-supported dentures are ideal long-term solutions for replacing one-day dentures when you're ready. Conventional dentures are removable appliances, while implant-supported dentures snap into place and are secured by dental implants.

Dr. Shafer can discuss the benefits and costs associated with both types of dentures so you can select the right option for your smile. Contact Nola Dentures and General Dentistry today at (504) 392-5104 for more information.

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