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October 2, 2017
Posted By: NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry
Oral Health | Dentist Gretna LA

Have you recently made a trip to the dentist and received a clean bill of health, but you feel unhappy with the appearance or comfort of your smile? You are not alone! 

Recently, the American Dental Association updated the definition of oral health to include some less obvious characteristics about your smile.

  • How do you feel about the way it looks?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Can you eat the foods you love?
  • Do you speak and smile confidently?

The addition of the more subjective aspects of oral health acknowledges that our smiles are an important part of interacting with others each day. They express joy, warmth, and friendship in almost any language across the globe, so feeling comfortable – both emotionally and physically – with your smile is essential to a high quality of life.

As your Gretna, LA dentist, we understand that many people live with pain in their teeth, gums, and jaws each day can interfere with the ability to enjoy the foods that the New Orleans area has to offer – one of the very best parts of our region!

We also know that feeling self-conscious about your appearance may limit how you express yourself and can give off the wrong impression to others.

We are here to help.

Not only do we focus on preventive and restorative dentistry that promotes proper function and a comfortable smile, but we also offer cosmetic dentistry that looks completely natural to improve self-confidence.

Call Our Gretna Office

Dr. Russell Schafer is highly skilled in all aspects of general dentistry, including tooth-colored restorations that blend in perfectly with your smile. He is also an expert at designing dentures that actually fit properly and stay in place when you laugh, smile, and eat. 

The best way to improve your oral health is to visit a dentist that you trust and who prioritizes your goals for your health and appearance.

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