Kid's Dentistry in Gretna, LA


Kids smiling | Dentist Gretna LAAt NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, Dr. Russell Schafer believes that good oral health starts at the youngest ages. Dr. Schafer enjoys treating little ones, whether it is seeing an infant for their first cleaning, treating a child in a safe environment, or helping a teenager achieve a perfect smile.

First Visit for Infants and Toddlers

Dr. Schafer follows the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's recommendation that a child should be seen within the first six months of her first tooth or by her first birthday. The older recommendations were that a child should see a dentist at age three, but Dr. Schafer likes to see a child sooner to ensure that good habits of brushing and eating right are developed from an even younger age. Many cavities that need to be treated on three-year-olds can be prevented by better oral hygiene at younger ages.

Cleanings for Children

Dr. Schafer recommends that parents help their children clean their teeth until the child is around 6 or 7 years old. A good milestone is when a child is able to cut meat on their own plate. It requires about the same level of hand-eye coordination to cut meat as it does to brush teeth. However, many kids still require parental supervision when cleaning their teeth. Another good rule is that when you feel confident that your child can clean the dishes without assistance, she can clean her teeth by herself as well.

During cleanings for your child, Dr. Schafer and his hygienists will coach both you and your child to help ensure that your child has the best techniques to brush their teeth to keep their pearly whites clean and sparkling. After the full cleaning with our dental instruments, we will give both you and your child the toothbrush to watch how brushing is done so that we can help ensure that a complete job is done each time.

Fixing Cavities on Children

Our philosophy at NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry is that kids should enjoy coming to the dentist regardless of whether or not they have cavities. Unfortunately, sometimes despite our best efforts, our children get cavities. Dr. Schafer is a general dentist who has extensive training and experience treating cavities in children as young as two years old.

Dr. Schafer uses nitrous oxide or laughing gas for his youngest patients as it is safe and effective. It gives his patients the best possible experience. Laughing gas combined with encouraging words and distraction techniques help many kids not even realize that any treatment is being done. Also, you as the parent are always allowed in the treatment rooms so that they can see how good your child is doing.

Young girl smiling | Dentist Gretna LACosmetic Treatment for Teenagers

Dr. Schafer understands that teenagers have many tough pressures from peers to have a great smile. For this reason, he is proud to offer simple non-invasive cosmetic treatment for his teenage patients. Non-invasive treatments include bleaching to make a smile whiter and cosmetic bonding to fill in gaps or fix chipped teeth. Dr. Schafer prefers these treatments in teenagers because little to no damage is done to the teeth and the patient gets a smile they want.

Call Us to Schedule Your Child's Next Dental Appointment

Is your toddler due for their first cleaning or maybe you need a second opinion on what treatment options are available for your child? Also, maybe your high schooler wants to have brighter teeth for the upcoming dance. If so, please call us at NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry to schedule their first appointment.