Can my child's teeth be whitened?

Mom and two children sitting on grass | Dentist Gretna LAMany kids and parents today want white teeth, and there is nothing wrong with that. Kids deserve to have a great, beautiful, and healthy smile as well. Generally, Dr. Schafer hears this request from parents either when their first adult teeth come in or in high school-aged kids.  

When adult teeth come in on a 5, 6, or 7 years old, they will look more yellow than baby teeth. Healthy baby teeth are typically bright white whereas healthy adult teeth are ever so slightly yellow. When you compare baby teeth to adult teeth, the adult teeth will always look yellow, and that is normal. Not much can be done about it at this age, so Dr. Schafer rarely recommends whitening except in very badly stained teeth.

Teeth Whitening for Teenagers

Dr. Schafer usually has no problems with offering whitening to teenage patients, on the other hand. Often teens want whitening for the same reason that adults do: to have prettier looking teeth. Whether they are getting ready for prom or school pictures, Dr. Schafer will gladly examine your teen and see which treatment makes the most sense for them. Please keep in mind that whitening takes a few weeks at least to have noticeable results and to schedule your initial appointment about one month before the teeth should be fully or mostly whitened.

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