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Can Dentures Be Done in One Day?

November 17, 2022
Posted By: NOLA Dentures

Our dentist in Gretna offers various denture options, including dentures-in-a-day. If you have missing teeth, dentures can restore your ability to eat your favorite foods, speak confidently, and smile without embarrassment. Dr. Schafer and our NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry team can help you have the smile you've always wanted!

What Are One-Day-Dentures?

We digitally design and fabricate one-day-dentures using our 3-D printer and composite resin. Our team then polishes, cures, and personalizes your dentures to ensure they fit perfectly. Dr. Schafer will discuss with you if one-day-dentures are the best solution for you. He may also recommend temporary dentures for people who need them as a "healing" or backup denture––though these are not customized like your final ones are.

What Is the One-Day-Dentures Process?

First, Dr. Schafer takes a mold of your jaws to measure the mouth, bite, and alignment. Next, he digitally scans the mold, transferring the image to advanced computer software so that we can create a precise restoration. Besides immediately restoring your smile, one of the benefits of these dentures is that they are printed in 50 microns at a time. This means they will be an exceptional fit for each patient, based on their mouth's unique anatomy and shape. Once we print the denture, we hand-polish and customize them. It's as easy as that!

Aftercare for One-Day-Dentures

Dr. Schafer will provide you with detailed instructions on aftercare to maintain the condition of your dentures. He also asks patients to return for appointments to check the fit and bite function. If your gums are still healing, he can place liners as needed. As always, we encourage patients to thoroughly clean their dentures with denture cleaner and a denture brush, handle the dentures with care, and place them in a container when not in use. 

Complimentary Exam for One-Day-Dentures

Modern dentistry allows us to create modern dentures in a single day! If you need dentures or partials and don't want to wait weeks for your new smile, call us today to schedule an exam with Dr. Schafer.

We are pleased to offer complimentary exams for one-day-dentures in Gretna and New Orleans. 

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