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Should I come to the back when my child is having work done?

Child sitting in dental chair near dentist | Dentist Gretna LA At NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, Dr. Schafer always allows parents to come back with their children during any procedure, if they wish. However, he doesn't always recommend it. While many kids do fine with a parent or grandparent in the room, some kids know how to push parents buttons in hopes that their parent will "save" them and stop the procedure. 

Your Child's Dental Appointment

We follow a system when working with children. We speak to them in a language they understand, we avoid scary terminology, and we work at their own pace, never pushing them beyond their limits. In some cases, children are more cooperative when their parents are not in the room. If you do decide to stay, being a "silent observer" can be the most effective way to help your child. Of course, we will bring you into the room to discuss any conditions, concerns, or suggestions we may have. A partnership with parents is the best way we can assure your child's oral health and wellness.

Dr. Schafer will discuss with you ahead of time to determine what is best for your child. Sometimes it's best for them to come back alone while others it's best if grandma or grandpa brings them to their appointments! 

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