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What should I do if I just chipped my tooth?

A chip is a common form of damage that an otherwise healthy tooth may suffer. When it happens on a tooth further back in your mouth, it may bother you less. But the damage to a front tooth is highly noticeable and may make you especially embarrassed of your smile.  

So, if you have a chipped tooth in Gretna, the first thing you should do is contact our dental office so we can help you decide the urgency of your condition. Often a chip may be part of a more significant fracture which we should repair before it endangers your entire tooth.

If the problem is simply aesthetic, we may eliminate it with one of several cosmetic dental treatments.

How We Repair a Chipped Tooth

We have a few ways of restoring a chipped tooth. One way is to sculpt with the same composite resin material we use to fill dental cavities in a process called dental bonding. First, our skilled cosmetic dentist adds the composite to your tooth after tinting it to match its natural shade. Then, we use a special blue light to harden the resin once we've achieved the desired shape.

While a dental bonding procedure is usually in one office visit, another option is a porcelain veneer that covers a tooth's entire chipped surface. A veneer is more durable than a dental bonding restoration but also requires that we remove some tooth enamel, making it a permanent addition to your smile.

Our dental team will help advise you on which option best fits your oral health condition, budget, and smile goals.

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