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Can dental implants be done in one day?

Dental implants in 70056 are a tooth replacement option involving surgical placement of an artificial tooth root into your jawbone. A major part of the implant process is a healing period, where your implanted root fuses into your bone structure, which may take between several weeks to a couple of months. Therefore a dental implant cannot be done in one day but in three to four separate appointments.

The tooth implant process begins with an assessment where Dr. Schafer takes precision 3D imagery of your mouth and bone structure to plan your implant’s placement. Your next appointment involves the actual surgical implantation of the titanium root based on the digital plan from your earlier visit. Finally, our team will follow up with you to determine how well you’re healing before finishing the procedure with a dental crown restoration for a single implant or an implant-supported denture for multiple teeth replacement.

Next-Day Dentures for Replacement Teeth in One Day

Dentures that we may complete in a single day are digitally designed and 3-D printed from a composite material like what we use for dental fillings. They are then polished, cured, and personalized to ensure they fit well. Your dentist in Gretna, LA, can adjust while you wait.  

Dr. Schafer will model each jaw and create a digital scan from that model. We then use a precision printer that lays down the material 50 microns at a time for exceptional fit and accuracy.

If you need a tooth replacement in one day, we encourage you to call our office and set up a consultation.

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