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How long does it take to make a denture?

Older couple snuggling on couch | Dentures Gretna LA Patients often ask us how long it's going to take to make a denture. The number of appointments depends on what type of denture is being made.  Dentures can take anywhere between 2 and 5 visits, 30-minute appointments to complete. Generally, we can schedule each appointment about one week apart.

The appointments involve taking a very accurate mold of the mouth, ensuring that the bite is comfortable and the smile looks great and delivering the denture with minor adjustments.

However, not all of these appointments are needed every time. For example, if a healing denture is being made and the teeth aren't too worn, only two appointments are typically required, as the current teeth tell Dr. Schafer where the bite should be and prevent us from trying in the teeth in wax.

On the other hand, if we replace an old worn denture, more appointments are needed to find a comfortable bite that allows for better-looking teeth.  

If you need a new set of dentures quickly for a big event such as a wedding or party, Dr. Schafer recommends at least one month but preferably two months to get the dentures done. However, if you need a set of dentures quicker than that, other options can get you a new set of teeth faster within a week.

If you are concerned about how long it will take, please call our Gretna dental office today to make an appointment to get started as soon as possible so Dr. Schafer and his team can discuss all of your options with you. 

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