How many implants are needed for a lower denture?

Lower denture | Gretna LA Dentist As mentioned on other pages, lower dentures are generally more difficult to use than upper dentures as there is little to no suction. However, with implants, we can make the lower denture have the same or better suction than the upper. The minimum number of implants for the lower is two, but three or four can make an even better improvement. The best analogy is to think of a stool.  A two-legged stool requires you to balance on it to stay upright; however, a three or four-legged stool does even better to distribute the force.  

The Benefits of Implants for Lower Dentures

The most rewarding part of placing these implants is the look on patient's faces who have worn a lower denture for a long time when the implants are connected to the denture. The eyes light up as they realize that the denture doesn't require the same balancing act with the lips, tongue, and cheeks.  Many of these patients immediately go out and enjoy food that they have not had in a long time.

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