How can I improve my lower denture?

The best way to fix a lower denture is by placing artificial titanium teeth called implants in the bone and attaching them to the denture with a medical-grade o-ring. These implantsClose up of older woman smiling | Dentist Gretna LA can help give some retention or suction to the denture. Many times only two small implants placed on the lower jaw can make the lower denture feel as natural as the upper denture. These implants make an unbearable lower denture feel stable. Dr. Schafer recommends that every single patient that wears a lower denture seriously consider having implants placed to improve the function and comfort of the denture.

Having an embarrassing denture mishap while laughing and eating with friends can be embarrassing. Implant-secured dentures can eliminate those denture mishaps so that you maintain a good diet and an active social life - two of the greatest joys in life!

Having implants also help to retain the bone structure that naturally deteriorates with tooth loss. Because dental implants are rooted in your bone, they stimulate regeneration, slowing down the process of bone loss. A few strategically placed dental implants can improve denture fit as well as retaining the precious bone that holds your denture in place and provides your face with bone structure. That way you can look and feel your best! 

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