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How thick are night guards?

Night guards are usually between 1 mm to 5 mm thick (1/20 to 1/5 of an inch). Generally, they are thicker in the front than in the back as the jaw acts like a hinge where the back Night Guard | Gretna LA Dentistteeth separate less than the front teeth upon opening. Usually when people ask us how thick they are, they want to know if they are comfortable. We find that custom made night guards can be very comfortable to wear when they are made and adjusted properly. Sometimes after being fitted you will need to return for another appointment as your jaw will adapt to them.

The picture shown to the right is a typical night guard. While it looks thick, half of the height is where the teeth fit in. For this patient, we made a lower night guard as it fit better with her teeth. After she started wearing it, she found her jaw more relaxed in the morning and her teeth didn't feel as sensitive as she stopped grinding as hard at night.

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