One Day Dentures in Gretna, LA

At NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry, we strive to give our patients the best possible treatment. Dr. Schafer also prides himself on being up to date with the latest technology that can help out his patients. We are happy to offer our patients One Day Dentures for patients who need a tooth replacement quickly.

What are One Day Dentures?

One Day Dentures are dentures that are designed digitally and fabricated with a 3D printer using a material that is similar to white fillings. They are then polished, cured, and personalized to make sure they fit well.

Dr. Schafer and you will discuss whether or not One Day Dentures are the right solution for you. Dr. Schafer will often recommend them for patients who need a temporary denture, a back up denture, or a healing denture. He does not recommend them as a final denture because while the material is very strong, it cannot be customized to a patient's mouth as well as his conventional dentures can.

What is the process?

 Dr. Schafer will first take a model of each jaw to measure the mouth as well as a model of the bite to know how the jaws line up. The model is then digitally scanned into a computer.

Device used to scan dentures model | Dentist Gretna LA

 The dentures are fabricated with special software so that they can be as tight as possible.  

Digital rendering of upper dentures | Dentist Gretna LA

They are then printed out 50 microns at a time so that they provide an exceptional fit to the patient. After the denture is printed, it must be hand polished and can be customized a bit to each patient. 

Dentures printer | Gretna LA Dentist

The denture shown below looked like this after it was printed and polished.

Printed and polished top denture | Dentist Gretna LA

While the glare does bleach out the photo a bit, you can see how it fits the patient's face very well comparing her before and after.

Before photo of patient with missing teeth | Dentist Gretna LA


One Day Denture after

After this, Dr. Schafer treats it like his other dentures and asks patients to return at least 3 times: at one day, at one week, and at one month. He will work with you on a regular basis to make sure that the fit is correct and that you are functioning well with it. He will also place liners as needed if the gums are healing.

If you are in need of a denture or partial quickly, please give us a call so that we can schedule you for a complimentary consultation.