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What are silver crowns?

young boy | Gretna LA DentistSilver crowns or stainless steel crowns are pre-made shells that fit over baby teeth. They are a common procedure in pediatric dentistry as these crowns work well and are tough. Not only do they usually last longer than fillings, but they also can help protect the teeth from future cavities as the tooth isn't exposed to more sugar or acid after the crown is placed.

Dr. Schafer prefers doing these silver crowns in cases where a young child has many cavities or has a large cavity where a filling is unlikely to last until the tooth can be wiggled out. Dr. Schafer also does these when a child gets another cavity on a tooth that has already had a filling.

Many parents worry that these silver crowns will affect their child's development or that they will be made fun of in school. In Dr. Schafer's experience, it's the parents who hate the way they look and the kids don't really care. Some kids even think that they are really cool. The best news is that with silver crowns they don't last forever. When the child grows up, the silver crowns fall out and healthy adult teeth emerge. The silver crowns help prevent the decay so that the adult teeth have a chance to be in a cavity-free environment when they emerge. 

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